Lamentations of the YouTube Princess

Finding quality content for Lamentations of the Flame Princess on YouTube is a challenge. There’s a lot to sift through and most of it is just reviews of the modules. What if you wanted to watch the rules in action? The coveted actual play videos? Well after scouring the depths of Youtube here’s a taste of what I’ve found:

#1- Hell’s Heart by Fantastic Dimensions.

I’m starting off with a real treat. Take the LotFP playstest document, a great referee & players, and set them in the 17th century Caribbean high seas and you have the makings of a great adventure. Things start off fairly typical with the players stealing a ship and becoming pirates, but as the campaign sails along the tone turns weird as the group’s magic-user plays with the spellcast failure rules, inflicting nautical themed mutations on the player characters and crew. A must watch for the descent into madness and a hilariously roleplayed sharkman.

#2- LotFP in Prussia by Ivanmike1968

17th century Prussia is the setting of the next campaign on my list. A witchhunting cleric, a budding magic-user masquerading as a doctor, and a Specialist with all his skill points in baking gather together for weird adventures across the frozen Prussian countryside. My favorite aspects of this game is the great synergy between the players who really dig deep into their dark, flawed characters. The referee is great and is able subtly and masterfully weave the weird aspect into the setting and characters and oh, their using the V.A.M rules for spellcasting.

#3- The Rose of Westhaven by Red Dice Diaries

A fairly recent and on going campaign, the game begins with the player’s arriving in a small fishing village aptly named Porthcrawl. The referee is able to ooze flavor using his rough, sultry voice as he effortlessly narrates the town’s slow but sure brackish descent to the depths of weird. The referee also runs a very in depth blog here.

#4 Welcome to Pembrooktonshire by Samwise Seven RPG

The actual play that hooked me on LotFP back in the day. Using the supplement People of Pembrooktonshire the referee masterfully charades as the insane and eccentric townsfolk. From seemingly invisible children to fantastical corpse eaters, the players are continuously creeped out and entertained from beginning to end.

#5 The God that Crawls by Missclicks

Not a whole lot to say about this one actually, it’s just good, consistently good. The adventure takes four players through one of my favorite supplements the God that Crawls. Horror engulfs the players as they encounter the namesake monster the God that Crawls.

Check them out & let the creators know how sweet their content is!


2 thoughts on “Lamentations of the YouTube Princess

  1. Great blog and good article.

    Thank you for mentioning our game- I’m Lee from the Prussia game ran by Ivanmike (I play Doktor Hans) .

    We hope to get back to it one day, but mixed time zones and conflicting schedules have made it a little difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perfectly understandable, scheduling games is hard enough IRL let alone different timezones. Anyway big fan of Ivan & you guys, I just started watching Dark Age of’s Basic Fantasy campaign, good stuff, you guys are hilarious. Thanks for the praise, means alot!


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