Session IX Recap (Repercussions)

The 9th Session in my ongoing LotFP campaign.


J√∂rmungandr’s Blood

My IRl group just completed Coin & Scroll's Tomb of the Serpent Kings and it was great for introducing people to the OSR style. In the last treasure room it's suggested that you add something of your own, I did and here it is: The Serpentine Well Deep underground lays an elaborate well, carved seemingly … Continue reading J√∂rmungandr’s Blood

Session VIII Recap (Those Who Lurk)

The eighth session in my ongoing LotFP campaign. The players finally manage to clear the tomb, unfortunately with terrible consequences. The Cast: Coen Delgado (Specialist) played by Bruno Sir Gludius Maximus (Fighter) played by Joey Dr. Frunkenstein (Magic-User) played by James Fiddlesworth (Fighter) played by Pedro BumBuff, Bearslayer (Alice) played by Bryant Pip (Specialist) played … Continue reading Session VIII Recap (Those Who Lurk)