Jörmungandr’s Blood

My IRl group just completed Coin & Scroll‘s Tomb of the Serpent Kings and it was great for introducing people to the OSR style.

In the last treasure room it’s suggested that you add something of your own, I did and here it is:

The Serpentine Well

Deep underground lays an elaborate well, carved seemingly of pure alabaster. The menacing silver drill that sits above it has dried blood caked into its teeth, dulling its once lustrous shine. A lever made of black steel, carved in the likeness of a snake stands besides the well.

The now extinct Snake-men once worshiped Jormungandr, the world snake. They drilled miles into the earth to reach him but in their haste dug too far, piercing the deity & drawing blood. The world snake shifted at the irritation, causing terrible tremors and tidal waves. Terrified, Snake-men abandoned the well after they witnessed the devastations it wrought.

Enter the player characters.

When the players pull the lever, the drill roars to life and immediately begins its descent underground. It’ll take time (1d4 hours) for the drill to reach the world snake but when it does, the drill will pierce Jormungandr causing him to shift violently creating a 1d10 magnitude earthquake.

  • Magnitude 1.0 – 3.0, Undetectable, no effect on world/players
  • Magnitude 4.0 – 7.0, Shakes the tomb, may cause ceiling to loosen at a 7.0 magnitude (Save vs Falling debris, 3d6dmg.)
  • Magnitude 8.0, massive earthquake shakes the tomb’s foundation causing it to begin to collapse. Players must escape, save vs falling debris each round.
  • Magnitude 9.0, same as before except time to escape Tomb is halved. Coastal towns are destroyed & the coast is flooded for 1d4 weeks.
  • Magnitude 10.0, The world snake is pissed and ushers in

Jörmungandr’s Blood

If the players survive, the well fills with the world serpent’s blood. The blood is magic and acts a highly addicting drug with the following effects if ingested.

The Blood‘s Effects: Beginning at 1, go down the list each time the blood is ingested.

  1. Reroll your ability sores, you may keep your old score if it’s the same or lower than the new roll.
  2. Your eyes become snake like, and you gain Darkvision with a range of 30ft.
  3. Your skin becomes pale & scaley, once per week you instinctively seek solitude to shed your skin.
  4. You grow serpentine fangs and gain a 1d6 Poisonous bite attack. The venom is potent enough to down a bear, save vs poison or take an additional 1d6 each round.
  5. Your tongue elongates and bifurcates at the tip, you gain the ability to speak to snakes & reptiles.
  6. Your jaw gains the ability to dislocate, you are able to swallow large prey whole such as a chicken, or small child. You only require 1 large meal every week. Deborah Logan

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