Session XI (Crossroads)

Referee Notes: Five of my usual eight players made it to this Session, which is still larger than a normal sized group. I noticed some pros and cons for a group this size.

The Pros:

  • Everyone had their time in the “spotlight”.
  • Seemed to flow better, after the more quiet players got used it.

The Cons:

  • Forced some players who were “background” in the “spotlight”.
  • Kinda quiet, though maybe I’m just used to eight rowdy people in my house.
  • Caused a kind of schism in the group since almost half the players were missing.


Coen Delgado, Claudia Var Attre (Specialists) played by Bruno

Sir Gludius Maximus (Fighter) played by Joey

Dr. Frunkenstein (Magic-User) Egad Stones (Fighter) played by James

Pip (Specialist) played by Jose

Sir Jones (Magic-User) played by Mahiliani

After escaping through Bumbuff’s magical door (Alice’s exacerbation check), the failed Mothman hunting group exit through a hidden door on Gethsemane docks. When the group peered out to sea they saw dozens of ships on the horizon.

A month later…

Refugees from London had poured into the colonies from the Great Fire and some, while fleeing for their lives, claimed they saw horrible visions of monsters in the flames. Now, just outside the burned woods of Al Pastor, refugees wander in a cobbled together village of tents just out of range of the Pastorian* guards.

Pastorian*– A person employed or living in Al Pastor, (the fortress of the Band of Cawks) or thier land.

(Referee Notes: Decisions made earlier in the campaign are coming back to haunt the players. In a earlier session, magic-user Frunkenstein tricked the lich Xiximander into thinking the country of England caused the fall of the snake-people. This may or may not caused the burning of London.)

With Bumbumbuff, Fiddlesworth & Yaluk M.I.A, the rest of the counsil deliberate on the next series of actions to take. In the end they decide to bide time and build up the resources of Al Pastor using the silver earned from Frunkenstein’s iron business. The following month is spent training and recouping from past wounds (Delgado currently suffers from a broken arm).

The month passes and weekly the Pastorians are bombarded by attacks by wandering Native undead. Shortly after, the refugees arrived at Al Pastor and Frunkenstein constructed a wall around the refugees using the Wall of Iron spell. The refugees are of course terrified but the Cawks reliably sent their guards to subdue to the threats, easing their worries. After the attacks began the refugees are put to work in the great cocaine fields and food crops as payment for their protection. Meanwhile Sir Jones spends his time with Jormungand’s blood attempting to lessen the addictive quality.

While roaming the great halls of Al Pastor, the fighter Gludius happens upon one of the young maids carrying some foodstuff. His life-drinking axe twinges and calls to the fighter urging him to kill. Overcome with bloodlust Gludius cuts down the young girl and hacks her to pieces, all while wearing a sickening grin. Another maid turns the corner and shrieks at the horrid sight,however before she can turn and run Gludius springs from his grisly task and chokes the life from her. The axe greedily consumes the lifeforce from the slewn girls and the ex-knight realizes he is accursed. Pip whose spies lurk around every corner hears of Gludius’s “tastes” and immediately begins working on entertaining rumors.


The realization of another possible curse spurs Gludius and Delgado to revive Patience,* who claimed to possess knowledge of curse breaking before she was killed by a demon. The group plan an expedition to the Ghoul Market and Patience’s rotting corpse is taken from the catacombs and wrapped in linen for travel. The Band heard rumors of a demon lurking in the Ghoul Market who could raise the dead to life, for a price.

Patience*– A woman encountered near the colonial town Savannah, claimed to have have magical knowledge to remove curses.

After a short and simple trip to the burial mound, Egad, Gludius, Delgado, and Pip enter through a tunnel that descends to the black market below.

*Reminder- I use Vacant Ritual Assembly‘s Ghoul Market in my campaigns.*

Inside the market, Gludius attempts to find the ghoul who forged his cursed axe to no avail. Frustrated, him, and Delgado seek out the Skinsmith to resurrect their cursebreaker, Patience and fix Delgado’s broken arm. After weaving through the near endless stalls of the black bazaar, and avoiding the ghouls who desperately attempt to pawn their strange wears, the men finally find a curtained tent with the Skinsmith sigil in plain sight. When the men enter they are greeted by a massive cyclopean demon dressed in a bloodied butchers outfit, the demon, with his back to the entrance is tending to a corpse with his signature rusted cleaver. After introductions, the Cawks explain their wants to the towering demonic butcher and two deals are struck, one to replace Delgado’s arm with a corpses and the other to bring the slain Patience back to life.

Meanwhile Pip & Egad visit the Beastwrack, a demonic spider from the third level of hell who breeds and sells strange beasts of burden. Egad inquires about the purchase of a troll on behest of his master Frunkenstein, while Pip watches and ponders his life decisions that brought him here. The Beastwrack creeps out of sight into the shadows and returns moments later with a large black chain and fifteen foot troll at the end of it.

Delgado holds his broken arm out and the Skinsmith hacks it off with his rusty cleaver and quickly sews a corpse’s arm onto the stub with a strange green thread. When finished, the hunter tests it out and finds he has no pain or lameness. Next, Gludius gently places Patience’s putrid corpse on a stone altar and the Skinsmith draws a curtain so all that is seen is are silhouettes dancing in time with the ambient music of the market’s dirges.  When he pulls the curtain back Patience is sitting over the stone altar with four rotting angelic wings protruding from her back, after checking her over and determining she’s just in shock, Gludius and Delgado pay the Skinsmith and meet up with Egad, Pip and their newly purchased troll Patrick.


It’s a cool summer’s night when the Cawks return to the surface and begin their hike back home to Al Pastor. Halfway there, four people emerge from behind oak trees and block the adventurer’s path. A knight in polished armor, a woman wearing a rogue’s outfit, a man in robes and a pointy hat, and finally a catholic priest with silver cross in hand all stand defiantly, though slightly less so when the troll catches up to the scene. They introduce themselves as soldiers of fortune hired by the Vatican to defeat the vile Band of Cawks plaguing these lands.  Combat begins.

A few moments later the generic adventures all lay dead, save the magic-user who Egad orders to be captured and fed to the serpent familiar Falak back home. The party continues their trek, only mildly inconvenienced, and begin plotting to throw Bumbuff and Fiddlesworth into the arena for sins against the Band of Cawk.

Back at Al Pastor, Bumbuff and Fiddlesworth are thrown into oubliette to await their trial by combat in the Arena. Sir Jones, who has been working on a diluted version of Jormungand’s blood finally succeeds and informs Frunkenstein who holds another Cawk Council meeting. Those who have not taken the blood do so and find themselves rejuvenated without the addictive symptoms of the original blood.

Gludius,after some comforting words, finally manages to coax the mentally broken Patience into breaking their curses. Delgado must save a insane man from being raped, and send him to sea, and Gludius needs the tongue of an astronomer. After a quick trip to Gethsemane, (and a fabricated situation I rather not write about), Delgado is finally freed from his curse, as is Gludius who happens upon a young astronomer looking at the stars from the docks.

A few weeks later, Pip, master of Stealth and Assassinations has a change of heart and secretly helps Fiddlesworth escape into the night. Bumbuff who is bound, gagged, and silenced with the Quiet Bell, realizes he need only think of escape to activate his fate changing gift (Alice Exacerbation check) and worms his way through a secret door in the cell to freedom.

Red door









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