Side Sessions (The Mothman Expedition)

I’ve started running play-by-post D&D sessions using Facebook messenger. Originally It was going to be a special one time thing but it was popular and became a feature in my current campaign. It hasn’t inconvenienced me yet, and my players seem entertained so I’ll keep allowing it for now.

The following is a outline of the session.

  • Delgado gathers up a party to hunt down Mothman, who has killed one of Al Pastor’s farmers.
  • Bumbuff, Gludius, Yaluk, & Egad volunteer.
  • Delgado begins tracking the beast using his master bushcraft skill.
  • Unfortunately for the men an old enemy reveals itself, the Hill Spirit Bumbuff released earlier in the campaign ambushes them and attacks.
  • The party quickly realizes they are outmatched and Bumbuff wishes for an escape route via his Exasperation check (Hes the Alice class) he succeeds and they escape through a magic door.
  • After the escape Delgado uses his bushcraft to determine thier location, 10 miles outside Savannah.
  • The party tends to their wounds and hears the sound of a running river as well as a women’s soft humming.
  • They sneak up and see a nude woman with frizzy hair washing herself in the river, she has strange tattoos covering her body.
  • Someone fails their stealth check and the men come tumbling out of the bushes. The woman is startled.
  • They introduce themselves and Gludius seems smitten with the woman who calls herself Patience.
  • They ask about the Tattoos and she explains shes a “cursebreaker” convenient since a couple of party members are cursed. She agrees to travel with the men back to Al Pastor to break their curses, for a non disclosed price.
  • At night the men are attacked by a strange rotting creature with antlers on its head. Yaluk knows it to be a Wendigo. They defeat the creature.
  • In the morning they meet up with Patience and begin their trek home. Gludius notices the Wendigos corpse is missing.
  • Once more the group relies on Delgados mastery of bushcraft. After deliberations, they decide to take the long way instead of going through the swamp.
  • Two days and nights pass, no encounters but Gludius grows attached to Patience.
  • On the third night after setting up camp the men see a haunting green light deep in the forest as well as music playing in time to Egad’s harmonica.
  • They go to investigate, Yaluk and Delgado stay behind with Patience.
  • Bumbuff, Egad, and Gludius see a man dressed in strange attire for the time period. (A modern black suit and red tie.) Egad & the man strike up a conversation and jam for a moment on thier harmonica and violin. Afterwords the man claims he’s looking for something that was stolen from him, his eyes turn a glowing yellow. “A gun” he says.
  • When Egad feigns ignorance, the yellow-eyed man disappears.
  • Yaluk and Delgado are on guard but are too late when the Yellow-eyed man puts his hand through Patience’s chest, killing her.
  • The yellow-eyed eyed man asks for the revolver the adventurers bought at the Ghoul Market. They refuse, the man breaks Delgado’s arm. Initiative is rolled.
  • After defeating the man, he lifts his head up towards the sky and black smoke pours out of it into the night sky. The body collapses and smells of sulfur. Many shitting himself jokes are had.
  • The men tire of walking and use Bumbuff’s magic door bullshit to escape to the colonial port town of Gethsemane. On the docks the men see dozens of ships on the horizon.


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