Session XII Recap (Schism)

The Cast:

Coen Delgado, Priest of Yaluk (Cleric) played by Bruno

Sir Gludius Maximus, Servant of god (Cleric) played by Joey

Dr. Frunkenstein the Mad (Magic-User) played by James

Nix (Magic-user) played by Pedro

Bumkill, the Possesd (Alice) played by Bryant

Pip, the Faceless (Specialist) played by Jose

Sir Jones, the Wallflower (Magic-User) played by Mahiliani

Everyone died, the end.

What’s that you say? What happened? It’s a tale best not told I’m afraid. What? Well, I suppose I could tell you the brief version. It’s a tale as old as time itself, the folly of one man trying to entertain the masses, and himself.

Once there was man, he had an idea for a D&D campaign and gathered eight other people to play in it. It would be a simple game, he made a map, bought a table, chairs, some extra dice and set the date for the first game. The game was good, at least he thought it was, jokes were made, dice were rolled, characters were killed. The campaign was good, but all good things come to end, as the man was to learn.

During one session the man made a terrible mistake, he broke one of his few house rules: “Thou shall not fuck with someone’s character when that player isn’t there.” The man sowed the end of his campaign with that one mistake. In jest he allowed the some player’s characters to imprison the absent ones without their consent. Of course in hindsight those imprisoned would object, but the man carried on. Amnesty grew amongst the player’s characters and the adventuring party was torn asunder into three separate factions, all out for blood.

The man thought it would be fun for the players to fight amongst themselves, “less work for me,” he joked to himself. The characters all plotted and schemed against each other in the weeks prior to the next meet up. Everything was going well until Session XII rightly named, Schism.

The battle began and small blows were exchanged until one of the characters flew to one of the other factions base and cast earthquake upon it, the cliffside rumbled and collapsed killing everyone inside(save the magic-user) and months of work. With malic and spite the magic-user miscast one of his spells and plunged the world into darkness, effectively killing everyone, including himself. And so the campaign ended, not with glory and glee, but with sorrow and sulking.

A sad tale indeed, for a campaign to end in such a way. However the man, after pondering, accepted it, He had made the mistake that would eventually end the campaign but he came away from it with something, experience. The experience of failure, the greatest teacher.

Afterwords, the man ran Blood in the Chocolate, and everyone also died, Deliciously, but that’s a tale for another day.


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