Campaign Forging I (Keywords)

With my old LotFP campaign over, its time to begin the creative process once again and create a new campaign. Some of my players want to run some games, which means I get a good chunk of time to prepare. I’ve always wanted to run a generic fantasy campaign, but every time I got the chance I decided to go with something else instead, this time I’m gonna do it. The following is a list of things I want to include in my next LotFP campaign and why. This isn’t an exhaustive list of course, just some stuff I keep coming back to.


Goblin/Tribes/Chief– Probably the biggests reason I want to set my new campaign in a cliche fantasy world is I recently caught up with the manga Goblin Slayer. The goblins depicted in Goblin Slayer are brutal and terrifying and that’s what I want for my next campaign.

Faires– I want my faries to be the dark, child stealing kind from the old tales.

Shrines– Kind of like the shrines in Skyrim, where you visit one, get a boon or something.

Necromancer(s)-  I always loved the idea of some insane person rotting away in the pits of a dungeon experimenting on the dead but I’ve never been able to pull it off. Time to try again.

Other Adventurers– In my last campaign, I had my players fight a “good” adventuring party. I thought it was hilarious and want to make the guild feel alive with competing adventurers.

Undead- The undead always end up as a kind of joke in my games. I want to change that and make them terrifying, as they should be.

Morale- Something I always forget to use, I’m going to force myself to use it this time.

Hirelings & Henchmen– For some reason, in my games nobody ever hires people of their own accord, I guess they just don’t trust me.

Petty gods/goddesses– I want deities to play a part in this campaign. Perhaps greek god style where they’re always screwing with the characters.

Dragons-  Back in the day, I ran a one-shot using the Pathfinder Beginner Box, that had a dragon in it, and it was the only time since I’ve used a dragon. This campaign is going to have dragons.

Cults- When I first got into Lamentations of the Flame Princess, I read the tutorial book in the Grindhouse box and there was a play example that had cultists in it. Ever since then I’ve wanted to run a good cult. Now’s my chance.

Guild- I can’t have a cliche fantasy setting without a guild. I want the guild to be the main way of getting quests, such as slay the goblins, or some rogue adventures have been robbing merchants on the road, take them out. Very run of the mill stuff, new to me though since I’ve never done it.

Quest Board- I’m gonna buy a actual tac board and hang the quests from. The only problem with having quests is the experience points. In the RAW for Lamentations you only get XP for gathering treasure, do I keep that and just add a bonus XP value for the quest? Its something I’m gonna have to figure out.

Hex Crawl- My last campaign started off as a hex crawl but ended once the characters cleared out a dungeons and turtled up. I’m taking elements from the West Marches style of game and forcing everyone to start in town at the start of each session. The wild lands should be wild.

Guild Rank- As more missions are completed rank within the guild should increase. I’ve decided to just steal the ranks from Goblin Slayer.

Weird Magic Items-  I don’t want any +1 one swords or shields. Every magic item should be weird with terrible drawbacks.

Dungeons– I want generic dungeons with traps & lots of wandering monster checks, multiple levels, with a boss at the end.


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