Magic Item Cameo 01: Crazy Slots (Hunter X Hunter)

I’m a big anime fan and love the weird shit that goes on in them. A lot of the items could make great weird magic items for a D&D campaign. Here’s the first of many to come. (This will be a weekly thing and not always from anime.)

In the anime Hunter X Hunter one of the characters has a ability called Crazy Slots that lets them conjure a random weapon based on a slot machine roll. I flavored it for LotFP and wrote up a lot of the weapons since we only see three of the slots in the show. Hope you enjoy!

Jack in the box

Jack O’ Blades

(A.K.A Crazy Slots from Hunter x Hunter)

A small wooden box with a hinged lid and old chipping paint of what was once vibrant colors adorning the outside of the box. A rusted cooper lever rests on the the left side. Turning the lever creates a barely audible clicking sound, after a few rotations the lever stops, when released a carnival-esque “prerecorded” voice emanates from the box saying, “I produce a number between 1-9, each number summons a different weapon, good luck!” the voice then imitates a slot machine roll before popping open revealing a Skeletal Jester Puppet holding a card with a number on it, immediatly after the box explodes into a white mist before rapidly forming in the wielders hand(s) as one of the weapons below.


  1. Dagger: A successful hit against living humanoids causes absurd amounts of bleeding (1d6 dmg each round) Always act first in initiative.
  2. Scythe:. Has a range of 10ft, a killing blow allows another attack at +2 to hit. (Cumulative)
  3. Mace: Advantage (roll dice 2x take the highest) against armored foes. Advantage on DMG rolls.
  4. Musket: Eerily Silent when shot. Can be shot every other round.  
  5. Axe: On a successful hit the target must make a save vs petrification or lose a limb (GM’s Choice)
  6. Katana: +6 to AC when Parrying, Crits on natural 17-20.
  7. Trident: Returns to Wielder after thrown, always hits living aquatic creatures within range.   
  8. Broadsword: +1, +3 vs Mythical Creatures (What defines Mythical is up to the DM) Incites a immediate Morale check with a penalty of -2 against Mythical Creatures.
  9. Gauntlets: Strength becomes 18 (+3) add Strength modifier to hit & DMG. Unarmed attacks deal 1d6 DMG.
  10. DM’s Choice.



  • Jack O’ Blades is sentient and very jealous, once the wielder has used Jack O’ Blades in combat he becomes cursed and unable to wield any other weapon save for old Jack.
  • Using Jack O’ Blades in combat requires one round to wind the box and conjure the weapon, roll a d10 and consult the chart above.
  • The Wielder may conjure a weapon before he encounters combat but may not conjure another one before this current weapon is used in battle. He may dismiss the weapon at anytime but winding the box again just conjures the same weapon.
  • Old Jack always returns to the Jack in the Box form when combat is over.
  • All the weapons have the Skeletal Jeseter puppet somewhere on the weapon as well as the number.
  • The obvious downside is that the player can’t choose which weapon is rolled. However, perhaps doing a quest or promising old Jack their eternal soul will allow them to choose a mode, once for each thing done.

Download the PDF here: Jack O_ Blades (A.K.A. Crazy Slots from Hunter x Hunter)

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