Jörmungandr’s Blood

My IRl group just completed Coin & Scroll's Tomb of the Serpent Kings and it was great for introducing people to the OSR style. In the last treasure room it's suggested that you add something of your own, I did and here it is: The Serpentine Well Deep underground lays an elaborate well, carved seemingly … Continue reading Jörmungandr’s Blood

Session VIII Recap (Those Who Lurk)

The eighth session in my ongoing LotFP campaign. The players finally manage to clear the tomb, unfortunately with terrible consequences. The Cast: Coen Delgado (Specialist) played by Bruno Sir Gludius Maximus (Fighter) played by Joey Dr. Frunkenstein (Magic-User) played by James Fiddlesworth (Fighter) played by Pedro BumBuff, Bearslayer (Alice) played by Bryant Pip (Specialist) played … Continue reading Session VIII Recap (Those Who Lurk)