LotFP Custom Spell: Familiar Binding

Samuel slumped to his knees and his arms went limp against his body as he stared dead-eyed at the gruesome¬†scene before him. His sister Analeese lay dead strewn across the hay ridden floor, surrounded by a pool of her rapidly draining blood. The girl's once sky blue eyes were now stricken milky white and tinged … Continue reading LotFP Custom Spell: Familiar Binding


LotFP Custom Skill: Medicine

I love clerics, the first character I ever created was a 4E Cleric of Pelor. However clerics seem like an odd duck in a semi-horror setting like Lamentations. Their spells are boring (imo) and you just end up feeling obligated to cast Cure Light Wounds. It's why I just removed the cleric from my game … Continue reading LotFP Custom Skill: Medicine